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Mobile Mechanical Services in OttawaCanada

A car is the most precious asset you can have. Apart from helping you in your transportation needs, it brings a sense of independence and convenience. However, cars can develop mechanical hitches, especially during the less anticipated moments. When your vehicle breaks down at the roadside, at home or in the middle of a city, it is not only inconvenient but also frustrating and dangerous. In such a situation, a mobile mechanic service in Ottawa Canada can help you out. With their amazing service, a mobile mechanic can help you:

• Save the costs of hiring a tow truck

If your car breaks down to a point where you cannot drive or operate, you may be forced to tow your car to a repair shop. Unless the breakdown happens near a mechanic shop, this might cost you money to tow your car. Tow trucks are not only costly but can also consume most of your valuable time. A mobile mechanic in Ottawa comes right to your car regardless of where you’re located in the least time possible.

• You get an upfront written quote

In case you know where the problem is, then a mobile mechanic will give you an instant quote. In case you don’t know the cause of the breakdown, then they will have to do a diagnosis to establish the cause. They’ll then give you a written estimate of the cost of repairs. The biggest advantage of Ottawa mobile mechanics is that their rates are affordable and they don’t include the overhead costs that regular repair shops charge.

• Enjoy a full range of mechanic service at your doorstep

Mobile mechanics are not different from typical mechanic shops. They offer a broad spectrum of car repair services. This means you don’t have to worry about having any issue fixed. The services vary ranging from an oil change, transmission services and tire replacement to clutch and engine issues. They are also licensed, bonded and insured meaning they’ll safely repair your car as you carry on with your normal schedule.

• Get your car repaired quickly

Apart from their competitive pricing, Ottawa mobile mechanics offer quick car repair services you can rely on. All of our mechanics are fully qualified. Unlike physical auto repair shops where you have to make an appointment then wait for hours or even days for your car to be attended, a mobile mechanic comes straight to your rescue. All you have to do is to make a phone call and a repair representative will be sent to you. There are no delays or prolonged waiting and can save you a lot of hassles. The other important thing is that you can call them any time your car breaks down. We also specialise in pre purchase vehicle inspections.

When to contact a mobile car servicing Ottawa

• When your car starter fails

There are cases when you turn your car key on and nothing happens or you simply hear a click. A dead starter implies your car won’t ignite. It could be due to a dead battery or the starter has just failed. Car starters are equipped with a solenoid that allows the electric current to pass through and ignite the engine. Starters can fail if you don’t do periodic checks on the major starter motor components. When a starter fails, don’t panic. It could be the spark plug or the starter needs adjustment. A mobile mechanic can help you resolve it in no time.

• In case of alternator problems

The purpose of the alternator is to check the battery if it is charged. A problem in your car alternator can cause issues such as break downs in the middle of the road or failed ignition. If your car experiences constant battery problems, then it could be a sign of alternator failure, electrical issue or strange engine rattling. In most cases old and worn out alternators experience such issues. If your car fails due to a faulty alternator, then don’t hesitate to call a mobile mechanic.

• Oil suddenly leaks

Dark stains on your parking slot or driveway are signs of leaking oil. Oil leaks should not be overlooked as it can lead to serious damages. If your car has a leaking oil problem, then the cause could be in the oil filter or the plug is missing or is misaligned. Such an issue can be resolved by tuning up your car regularly and a mobile mechanic can help you do so.

• Flat tire

Flat tires usually happen when a sharp object punctures your car tire or your tire wears and tears out after long use. A flat tire can bring your journey to a halt. It is even worse if it strikes when you are in a strange and remote place. Whether it is due to a sharp object or old tire, the issue can be resolved. Mobile mechanics will come right to where your car is to help you correct the problem. If your tire is worn out, they can offer you an on-site replacement.

• Squeaking, grinding and failing brakes

Brakes are the most essential components of your car. It can be very disappointing if your brakes fail while you are on a busy highway. In such a situation, you need to address the issue to continue driving. If your car brakes fail, don’t hesitate to contact a mobile mechanic to help you.

• Shaking steering wheel

A steering wheel can shake when you’re driving. The issue can arise due to various causes like damaged suspension or wheel bearings. In case it happens when driving at high speeds, then it could be an improperly balanced tire. A mobile mechanic can help remedy the issue.

• On-site maintenance

Routine service and maintenance are vital for the good health of your car or truck. Most car problems happen when you neglect your car. To help reduce potential breakdowns and costly repairs, feel free to contact a mobile mechanic in Ottawa for routine maintenance.


When your car breaks down on the road, you may not find a repair shop, but you’ll always get a mobile mechanic. We do pre purchase vehicle inspection. Affordable mobile mechanic in Ottawa is always ready to help you. Whether it is a flat tire, oil change, alternator problem, squeaking brakes, shaking steering wheel or typical maintenance, be sure to contact your trusted mobile mechanic for quick service.